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Lucky Portable Fish Finder Sensor 120 Feet Wireless Depth Finder

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【Wireless and Portable】 -Cast the sensor it into the water and it will switch on automatically when two pins terminals at the bottom touch water, then send results back to the receiving mainframe. No more long & heavy cable for transducer.
【2.2 inch Dot Matrix LCD display】 - Wide, clear and sun-visible display. Water Depth, Water Temperature, Battery Strength, Sensitivity, Zoom Range, Water Surface Line, Bottom Contour, Sensor Connect indicator, Fish Icon with Depth (small fish and big fish). LED backlight design allows you to read clearly at night.
【For Boats/Kayaks】- No need to drill hole in your boats or kayaks hull to install the sensor any more. Two small holes on the wireless sensor allow you to tether with your fishing line and cast it into water as far as you want. It is also suitable for off shore, river, lake, sea, turbid, ice fishing.
【Detection and Operation Range】 - This fish finder detects depth range from 2ft( 0.7 meters)to 120ft(40 meters). The wireless operation range is up to 400ft(120 meters). Wireless Sensor Coverage is in 90 degrees beam angle.
【Setting Saved in Memory】 - The unit can remember before setting when you turn it off. Three operation languages for option, English, German and Russian.