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9Tong Kids GPS Smart Watch with Camera Waterproof Watch Phone for Children Call

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Friendly Reminder:
Watch can only save one photo.But the photo in the watch can be uploaded to the mobile phone app in real time,so you can upload many photos from the watch.
When you swim with the watch please make sure that the screws are tighted. And the water is IP67 waterproof, so you can wear when you are swimming ,but cann't underwater diving for a long time. Beg your understanding.

Product Description:
CPU: MTK 2503
Display: 1.3  ” Color Touch Screen
Operating System: MTK G
Language: English,Russian
Color: Pink,Blue
Battery: 400mAh
Pixel camera of the watch: 240 Pixels * 240 Pixels 
SIM Card requirement】 The SIM card must support 2G network, with date traffic and can show caller ID. (Note: Some 4G SIM card can also support 2G internet. You can ask the SIM card provider if it can support 2G internet before buying)
SIM card recommend】 For US user, we would like to recommend: SpeedTalk. T-Mobile For Canada user, we would like to recommend: Microcell and Rogers. For Brazil user, we recommend: BCP,CTMR Cel,Maxitel MG,BSE ,Oi Velox ,CTBC 3G, Teleron ,Cel ,Telest Cel ,Telems Cel ,Telepar Cel ,Tess ,Claro ,oi ,TIM.
About Registration】 1. Install the Setracker App. And then scan the QR code behind the watch to register an account. If you can't register it or it show "Device number already registered". Then please provide the IMEI number to us , we will help you register it successfully.
About device offline】 Please take carefully to choose the correct area when you register the APP. For example, if you use it in US, then you need to choose the "North America" but not "Europe Africa" or the other area. Because if you choose the wrong area. Then it will show device offline when you operate the APP.
Our services】 If you meet some problem in setting the watch.Please feel free to contact us, help you to solve the problem.

Device offline problem
If you met the "Device Offline" Or "No equipment connect".
Step 1: Please send this command to the watch. "pw,123456,ts#" And you will get a reply. 
Step 2: Check the IP is correct. If it's incorrect. Please send this command to change it."pw,123456,ip,(IP address),8001#".
For Example: if you need to change it to North America IP. Send this: "pw,123456,ip,,8001#". Set successfully, will get a reply message like “[surl,,port,8001#]ok!
To set the APN for the watch. Please call to SIM card provider to ask what's the (APN name) and (MCC MNC) (user name) and (the password) of the SIM card which insert in the watch.
After know these information. Please send this command: pw,123456,apn,(apnname),(username),(password),(MCCMNC)#
For example:
Access to “China Unicom”, APN name is "uniwap",username and password is empty,MCC is "460",MNC is "01".
So, The code is "pw,123456,apn,uniwap,,,46001#"